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The purpose of Love to Discuss is to provide a fun, engaging forum to connect, grow and belong. That's why in developing this community, we look to nurture five key things for our members:

Connect with others who share a passion to learn and discuss new perspectives on most any topic.

Swap stories, experiences, and ideas (not necessarily advice) around our common purpose.

Share insights with people who are genuinely interested, and willing to provide candid, open feedback.

Enable in-person topic discussions to easily continue online, and vice versa. 

Make better, more informed decisions about things that matter most to you.

About Love to Discuss

The genesis of this forum was a topic discussion that began at a third place outside Boston. A group of a half dozen or so people began to meet each month to talk about one of the themes you see posted here on this site. While some of us are avid readers, others prefer articles, podcasts or simply bringing their own knowledge of the topic to the conversation. As word spread of what we were doing, Love to Discuss was formed to enable people who live too far away to share in the discussion both online and in their own communities.

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